Student-Athlete Registration


Your student-athlete must be registered every school year, with an accompanying current sports physical, to participate in athletics at Bret Harte. Incoming freshman will need their Bret Harte student ID number for their first registration. The number can be found on the student's school schedule or student identification card. If you cannot locate the number, please email Athletics

Student-athletes CANNOT condition, tryout, practice or compete until the athletic registration is complete, with a current sports physical on file, and cleared by Athletics. NO EXCEPTIONS! (CIFSJS Bylaw 510.D)

Bret Harte Athletics utilizes SportsNet, a digital sports management service, to manage all student-athletes. For assistance with the program, contact SportsNet Support.

Student-athletes planning to participate over summer (ie, basketball, cheer, football and volleyball) must be cleared by the second Friday in June. Athletic registrations received over the summer will be processed beginning the second Wednesday in August.

Registration opens on May 01 for the following school year.